Introductions (28件のスレッド、106件の書き込み) Hello everyone! Im heru from malaysia! Nice to join u all!
Introduce yourself here.
Fun Forum (13件のスレッド、99件の書き込み) Hello guys. Can you read this? Thanks anyway.
Talk about topics you want to. Have fun!
Suggestions (12件のスレッド、84件の書き込み) Series I would like to see
Think there's something that MR is missing? Let us know! :D by Mooshminky

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MR Help Desk (25件のスレッド、61件の書き込み) Are the admins/creators of this site still around?
Unsure of how to do something? Check this, or ask a question.
Site Translation Project (8件のスレッド、35件の書き込み) Looking for a translation help ( English ----> Japanese )
If you're willing to help translate the site in your language come in :D. by Niras

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Bug Reports (14件のスレッド、30件の書き込み) Search having "Not Found" problems.
Alert us of any bugs you find. by danluffey

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